Tuesday, August 10, 2010

~~ Mild? ~~

It has been exactly 2 weeks since Michael mastered riding without training wheels.
You see that boo boo on his chin? He got that boo boo last night.
We had a wonderful, busy day yesterday and we got home around 7:15. The boys begged me to let them ride bikes because, "it has been days since we rode bikes!" It was late, we hadn't had diner, and I was tired, but I gave in. Now I wish I hadn't. I gave them until 7:45. They got their socks. shoes and their helmets and they were off!
Everything was fine. Until the last 5 minutes. They were riding around the circle laughing and having fun. Then all of a sudden Michael is on the ground, crying and screaming. I didn't see him fall and I didn't realize he had hit his chin until I walked over to him. I feel bad I walked over assuming he just needed to shake it off.
Jesse ran in the house and got him a cold wet towel for his boo boo.as I carried him and his bike back to the garage. What a great big brother! He calmed down once we were in the house. It helped that I promised him a Spiderman band aid if he let me clean his boo boo.
Everything was fine. Until he couldn't remember what happened or what he was suppose to be doing. It was weird! I ran his bath water and asked him to get his pj's then get in the tub. I was going to let him bathe while I got his dinner ready. So I came back from the kitchen and he was standing in the hallway. He said, "What am I suppose to do?" So I told him to get his pj's and get in the tub.
Phillip came home and talked to him about his day and his boo boo and then he jumped in the shower. Then Michael asks me, "Do I have to take a bath tonight?" His water was already in the tub and I had told him twice. I started to get a little freaked out.
I got him in the tub and bathed and he asked me several times--What happened? How did I get my boo boo? Did I cry? Did it bleed?
WEIRD! He didn't remember what happened 30 minutes earlier!
The final straw? He was at the table eating dinner and after Phillip got out of the shower and walked in he said, "I didn't know you were here."
I called the after hours nurse and she said to take him to the emergency room. I'm glad she said that because I would not have been able to sleep if I didn't find out if something serious had happened when he fell.
Oh, but let me tell you the ER is no fun with an impatient 4 year old! It took FOREVER.
It was probably 9:30 when we got there.
About 9:50 when our name was called and we went back.
At 10:08 we had seen the doctor and he wanted to have a CAT scan done, just to make sure everything was alright with Michael's little noggin'. At this point I was thinking, right on, less than an hour and we'll be going home soon. Not gonna happen. We waited for an hour. I swear they forgot about us, but the nurse claimed there was someone in front of us having a scan done also. That nurse, by the way, grumpy and not so friendly.
We went back at 11:10 and at 11:30 we were done with the scan and we were told it would be about 10 minutes. You see, the results were sent to the doctor that reads the scan and then he would call the ER doctor to relay the results to us about what they found, if anything.
Finally, finally at 12:10 we found out he had a MILD concusion. I was told he would be fine and we could go home.
We got home at 12:30 and crashed.
That makes trip #2 for Michael, in case you don't remember his 1st trip you can read about it here. He is only 4--OH BOY! Waiting was hard, but he did great and it was good to keep him awake and make sure that he really was okay.

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