Thursday, August 19, 2010

~~ FIVE ~~

My little angel baby turned 5 today!

This morning started with him waking me up-just like he did 5 years ago. He hopped in bed and proudly told me, "It's my birthday!"

I hugged him tightly and insisted that he stop growing so fast! Really, stop it! The past 5 years have flown by so quickly, it amazes me. You know how people always say, "it seems just like yesterday." It is so true, it really does!
We spent the day talking about the day he was born and when he was a baby. We looked at his baby album and he saw pictures of his family seeing him for the first time. When he met his brother and sisters, the first time he met his grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and neighbors. He got to see and hear the story of his baptism and lots of firsts, including his 1st birthday party. Ah, the memories. I love looking at the pictures and scrapbooks, but I will admit that I am a little bit of a slacker and there are some finishing touches I need to put on that baby album--5 years later. I felt bad that it wasn't/isn't completed. Of course, he didn't care, but I did. I'm determined to find some time to finish that album!
We celebrated his birthday on Saturday, with cake and Phillip's family, so today we just had small cupcakes today. Memaw and Aunt Sandra stopped by to see him and drop off cards for him. He'll be having a swimming party in September with his brother and all his friends.
Happy Birthday sweet boy! I ~LOVE~ YOU!

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