Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Friday Night at the ER

Friday night started like most Friday nights. I was getting dinner ready while the boys played in the livingroom. Then it happened. Michael starts screaming. I rush in there and he is holding his head, crying. He hit his head on the rocks that surround the fireplace. It was bound to happen sooner or later to one of them. I scooped him up and carried him into the kitchen, trying to comfort him along the way. Once we got into the kitchen I knew this was not just a bump on the head. There was blood, alot of blood. All over his clothes and hair. I'm freaking out! Call mom, getting the bleeding to stop, need to see how bad it is. As soon as mom walked in the door we loaded up and went to the emergency room. Now, I am still freaking out, but trying to stay calm. Michael on the other hand, he is fine. He is talking and laughing and acting as if nothing had happened. At the ER, they saw that it was a small cut about 1/2 an inch, maybe. Of course, he would need a staple. ONE staple. Michael was great the whole time. They cleaned up all the blood, put some numbing stuff on it and then finally the staple. This was the only time he cried. I am pretty sure that it was because he was held down, not because it hurt. All the doctors and nurses at the ER were wonderful. I have to take him back after 7 days to have the staple removed. I am sure that will lead to another post. He has not slowed down one single bit. Kinda scary.

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