Monday, August 16, 2010

~~ Shopping ~~

Today's Workout: 1.5 mile/20 min. run on treadmill and 16.8 mile/53:45 min. cycle class
I remembered to wear my watch and band, yea! After 1 hour and 55 mins, it said kcal = 1035 burned!

Today started early and just flew by. It began with me getting all dressed up so that I could go drop off my resume at the elementary school right up the street. They have 2 openings and either would be *perfect* for me! I'm praying that it is God's will for me to fill one of those positions.

It was nice to get up, shower, put on make-up and get dressed to go somewhere. Since I have lost weight, my pants have gotten just a little baggie and that is a good thing! Not such a good thing, having to spend dollars on buying new clothes, because I'm not done losing weight yet! So, I pulled out a few tubs full of clothes that I had been storing, because one day I will be able to wear them again. It was like going shopping without shelling out the big bucks. Yea, new clothes!

The boys and I had lunch with Grandpa, Deb and Memaw. It has been awhile since we have seen them and it was great to visit and catch up.

Michael and I went school clothes shopping for him, instead of taking a nap. He got some new tennis shoes, new underwear, 4 shirts and 3 pairs of shorts. We went to Kohl's, so I didn't have to shell out the big bucks. He is all set and ready to start Kindergarten next week.

Phillip's on vacation, kind of, and he was home this afternoon so the boys stated with him when I headed to the Y for my workout!

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mbc said...

Wow, what a great day! You did good!!