Wednesday, January 19, 2011

~~ Mega Machines ~~

I finally recovered from my Saturday running club workout and tonight I finally got to get together with my most favorite personal trainer! She had a fabulous workout ready for me and she didn't cut me any slack. She knows it has been months and she did not hesitate to get on that darn stairmill--first thing! I love her and I've missed her, and even though, or maybe because, she kicks my butt. At one point I had to laugh because she said that the plan was "easier" because of my recovery and not wanting to reinjure myself and well, it was pretty tough. To help keep me accountable and on track, I decided to participate in the transformation contest again.

Workout: Machines (2:11/897)*part of the time was paperwork/measurements/starting numbers for the transformation challenge* Going to have to add a "before" picture (soon).

Monday, January 17, 2011

~~ Bowling Belt Loop ~~

It's MLK day and the kids are out of school and Daddy is off too!! After a busy weekend with Nana & Papoo, it was nice to sleep in-the boys didn't wake up until 8:45!! Of course, that was good and bad-tomorrow morning going back to school is going to stink, but this morning it was perfect. We stayed in our pj's until noon, we ate lunch and then decided to take the boys bowling! Jesse was able to work on earning a belt loop for tiger cubs and Michael and I had fun helping him.
Earning that belt loop.....

Michael's turn.....

It was fun family time and I look forward to heading to the bowling alley again soon! Before we turned in the shoes, I decided to play around with some pictures and practice being a little creative with my photography.

I had this idea and it came out *okay* I guess-I'd like to get better with the lighting and depth for starters.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

~~ Running ~~

Today was the first day in months, 3 to be exact, that I have been able to workout. And, it felt GREAT! I'm sure that I will feel differently tomorrow, but right now I feel so good!

I got the all clear from my doctor on the 5th to get back into my regular routine, at home and at the gym. I decided the best way to get back into a workout routine at the gym would be to jump in head first, which is what I did today. I know me and I know that I need someone to be accountable to, so it just happened that there was a new running club starting today. Yep, I joined another running club. I'm SO excited!

Our workout was .25 mile warm up and then 4 sets of run/recover followed by some core and strength training (squats, lunges, step ups, push ups, crunches). It was raining and cold so we were in the gym which was nice, but I hope we are able to get outside next week. I'm frustrated that I can't find my time/cals burned, but oh well. I'm back.....