Tuesday, January 19, 2010

~~ The Pick Up ~~

Today when I dropped Jesse off at school he was so excited to tell his teacher that I would be picking him up this afternoon. No more riding the bus after school to daycare. The very first time since school started that I have ever picked him up from school, except that time I had to take him to the emergency room for stitches or the time we went out of town one Friday afternoon or the time I picked him up for a doctor's appointment. Okay, so I have picked him up from school, but those times were different and don't count because, well, I picked him up early those days and had to go through the office to sign him out and they went to his class and got him.

But today, today I was there when the bell rang and school got out. I got there about 5 minutes early and waited at the front of the school. The bell rang and out came the first kindergarten class, then the other 2 kindergarten classes. I waited a couple more minutes. Okay, where are they? I finally asked one of the teachers.

Turns out Jesse's class comes out the side door and waits by the playground. I thought, great now I'm going to be late. It worked out though, I was there before him and Oh My Goodness was he EXCITED to see me when his class walked out. The smile on his face was HUGE. I have to admit that I was pretty excited too. It was an AMAZING feeling to see how much it meant to him that I was there.

It was a beautiful day, so I decided to walk up to school to pick him up which meant we got to walk home. He was so sweet, he held my hand and we talked about his day.

It's a little blurry, but you can kinda see that big, happy smile.

We picked up Michael, went to gymnastics, and when they got home there was a moment of brotherly love.

It was a GOOD, GOOD day!

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