Tuesday, January 5, 2010

~~ 39 ~~

Yup, I turned 39 today.
the last of my 30's,
the end of my 4th decade,
the year befor the BIG 4-0.

Michael asked me if he could come to my party, it was so cute. I tried to explain to him that my birthday isn't like his birthday, there is no party. I haven't had a party in years.
It was seriously a GREAT day filled with lots of phone calls, emails, texts, and wall posts on facebook. I have amazing friends and family, I wish I could see all of them and celebrate with them.
Who knows, maybe next year I will have a birthday party at the roller rink and invite all my friends just like when I was, um, younger.

1 comment:

mbc said...

I'm in. But only if you promise to save "Funkytown" for me.