Wednesday, January 19, 2011

~~ Mega Machines ~~

I finally recovered from my Saturday running club workout and tonight I finally got to get together with my most favorite personal trainer! She had a fabulous workout ready for me and she didn't cut me any slack. She knows it has been months and she did not hesitate to get on that darn stairmill--first thing! I love her and I've missed her, and even though, or maybe because, she kicks my butt. At one point I had to laugh because she said that the plan was "easier" because of my recovery and not wanting to reinjure myself and well, it was pretty tough. To help keep me accountable and on track, I decided to participate in the transformation contest again.

Workout: Machines (2:11/897)*part of the time was paperwork/measurements/starting numbers for the transformation challenge* Going to have to add a "before" picture (soon).

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