Monday, January 17, 2011

~~ Bowling Belt Loop ~~

It's MLK day and the kids are out of school and Daddy is off too!! After a busy weekend with Nana & Papoo, it was nice to sleep in-the boys didn't wake up until 8:45!! Of course, that was good and bad-tomorrow morning going back to school is going to stink, but this morning it was perfect. We stayed in our pj's until noon, we ate lunch and then decided to take the boys bowling! Jesse was able to work on earning a belt loop for tiger cubs and Michael and I had fun helping him.
Earning that belt loop.....

Michael's turn.....

It was fun family time and I look forward to heading to the bowling alley again soon! Before we turned in the shoes, I decided to play around with some pictures and practice being a little creative with my photography.

I had this idea and it came out *okay* I guess-I'd like to get better with the lighting and depth for starters.

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