Saturday, September 11, 2010

~~ Party for Two ~~

To celebrate Jesse & Michael's birthdays this year we decided to try something different--one party for both boys. They both wanted to have a party at the pool, so I needed to figure out how to make that happen. After some smooth talking and negotiating I had a plan, so I headed on down to the Y.....

The pool actually closes a week before Jesse's birthday, so I knew that in order to make that happen for him, his party would have to be early. After checking the availability of the pool for the Saturday nights in September we decided on the 11th at 6pm. It worked out beautifully. Michael had to wait a few weeks after his actual birthday for his party and Jesse got lucky and had his a couple of weeks early.

Normally I buy all the theme cake, plates, cups, napkins, tablecloth, etc., but I thought since it was a pool party and it was for both of them that would just be too much. Michael wanted Iron Man and Jesse wanted Toy Story 3.

I talked them into making all the decorations blue and green and get themed candles. They agreed. This also took care of my need for two different themed cakes. I suggested blue and green cupcakes. They agreed. It was cool and it worked out beautifully.

It was an amazing party. The weather was perfect (we tried a pool party last year for Michael and it got rained out). My boys were so happy and had a fabulous time. I overheard several friends say what a great party it was and what an awesome pool it was. Yes, success!

Another first for me this year was not opening their presents at the party. I have considered this before, but this was the first time we actually took them home to open them. I'm glad we did. We only had the pool for 2 hours and the kids were having so much fun swimming. Also, because it was a party for both, there were double the presents and that just would have taken too long.

I would totally do this again next year if the boys let me, I mean, want to.

*I was worried that I might actually miss their party today because after running club I came home and was so sick. It was a tough workout today and it was so hot, I'm thinking maybe I was dehydrated.!?!.

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