Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good-bye Kaki dog

My sweet dog, Kaki, passed away Christmas night. It was a hard night, but I am okay. I will miss him, but I know he is not in anymore pain. We were together for 12 years and we had some great times.

~~~Christmas 2007~~~

It was 12 years ago that I visited my friend David in New York. I spent a week with him and his little dachshund, Danny, and I knew that when I got home I would need my own little dachshund. I remember driving down to Buda to pick up him up. He was the smallest of the litter and just so tiny and cute. Kaki was a great dog. I had big plans for us. I was going to get him a girlfriend and name her Felicia, but that didn't happen. It was just him and me for years before I got married. He was always by my side, he snuggled with me in bed at night and he loved to ride in the car. After I got married we moved and he adjusted well to having to share me. Then I had Jesse and he handled that well too. It was when I had Michael that his age started to show. He was starting to get a little grumpy in his old age. Jesse was a little rowdy for him and I knew it would get worse as Michael got older, so Kaki went to live with OMA. Of course I missed him, but he loved it there, he had the other dogs to keep him company and OMA spoiled him.

I am thankful that I was able to spend some time with Kaki on Christmas Eve and we spend an afternoon together a few weeks before that.

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