Sunday, August 3, 2008

Road Trip

Last night my sweetie and I, along with a few Bowmans, took a road trip down to Gruene.

This is where we ended up...The Oldest Dance Hall in Texas

This is who we went to see...


Yep, my absolute favorite hick rock band. They have a new album and a #1 song, Ragged As The Road on the Texas Music Chart and they are just Rockin'. Love 'Em. I was actually able to get close enough to snap some pictures of the boys, Cody, Willy, Jay and David (Jimmy was on the other side of the stage). It was an AWESOME, awesome show. Can't wait for September!

Cody & Willy



Cody & Willy

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mbc said...

Love that place and Reckless too! Good times!