Tuesday, July 20, 2010

~~ Big Wheels ~~

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine posted pictures of her little man riding his bike without training wheels. He is 6 months younger than my youngest, so I figured it was time to teach both of mine to ride on just 2 wheels!

Saturday morning we all headed out to Academy because the only way I could get both boys to agree on letting me remove their training wheels was if I bought them elbow and knee pads. Seriously? They actually could use them for riding their skateboards. A bonus in the package = gloves!

We got home and it was just too hot, but that evening we were out there for a long time practicing! Both of them did real well, as long as I didn't let go. We worked on balance and pedaling and I ran beside them and behind them, letting go but staying close. The neighbor, Jessica, came out one time and told Jesse it took her like a week to learn to ride her bike. After that he was determined to beat her time and learn in less than a week.

After practicing a couple of times a day (I could only handle about 30 mins early mornings & evenings) for only 3 1/2 days.....

There is no stopping him now! So proud of him!

There were a few falls, but luckily not too many and no major scrapes or other injuries. I guess it was worth it to get those knee pads for extra confidence!

One down and one to go! Michael is making progress-he is doing great and with a little more practice, especially balance and confidence, he will be racing his brother around in no time!

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mbc said...

GREAT job all of you!! So proud of those boys, keep it up!