Saturday, May 8, 2010

~~ T-ball & Legos? ~~

Today was an absolutely fabulous day!

It began late, because my guys were SO sweet and they let me sleep in--until 10:00am!

After a cup of coffee it was off to the ballpark for Michael's t-ball game. It was cool and windy, totally opposite from yesterday's heat. Grandpa and Deborah drove all the way in to catch the game. It was great to see them! The boys always get all silly and excited to see them.

And, today is Deborah's birthday.....


Back at the house after the game the boys were so good; they just played and played together for hours with NO fighting. Usually at quite time I have them go to their rooms and relax with a movie and today they actually asked if they could watch the same movie in the same room. I was leery, but I agreed and to my surprise it was not a mistake.

There was one thing that happened this afternoon that was kinda funny. I was sitting in the living room, most likely on the computer, and Michael walks in talking to me. I was only half listening, it was something like this.

Michael: “Mommy, blah, blah, blah, Jesse and I put these in our ears.”
Me: “Wait, what?” “You put what in your ear?”
Michael: “These.” He shows me as he is pulling it out of his ear.

I freaked out a little, but after I talked to them, I think they both understand that it is not a good idea to put anything, ANYTHING in their ears, nose, or mouth EVER.

Here is a picture of the little Lego pieces next to a dime, just to show how small they are.

Boys, always keeping me on my toes. You never know what they are going to think of next.

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