Friday, January 9, 2009




I can't even walk. It was an incredible workout yesterday. I worked muscles that haven't been used in many, many years and some I didn't even know I had. Seriously, my legs are unbelievably sore. It really is quite funny to see me moving around the house. I have to hold on to things to sit down and get up and I have to move very s-l-o-w. The last time I hurt this bad was after I tried out for the basketball team in 8th grade. Coach P. worked us so hard; every muscle in my body felt ached for days. It was so worth it though, I made the team! There is one night I remember well, after tryouts, I rode the bus home and it dropped me off right in front of my house. As I got off the bus I could already feel my muscles stiffening and I could barely cross the street, it hurt to walk. I went straight to take a hot, hot bath. Ahhh! I did the same thing last night AND this morning. I'm sure there'll be more in the days ahead.

I am pumped and ready for Tuesday!

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