Saturday, March 15, 2008


Movie ticket.....$6.50

Lg Popcorn, Diet Coke & Peanut M&M's.....$14.75

Catching a movie in the middle of the afternoon.....PRICELESS

I finally had a chance the other day to see Juno. It came highly recommended times 2.
Ellen Page, who reminded me a little of Jeanine Garofalo, was awesome and she was so funny. Juno said what she thought and she told you how she felt. I just loved that she did not hold back. Don't you sometimes wish more people were more like that? Straight shooters. That does not mean that people have to be rude or anything, just not so fake. I think Juno had a kind of mature naivety about her. And honestly, at that age didn't we all have it figured out?
I was also pleasantly surprised to see Allison Janney. She is just hilarious.

Cute, cute movie that I would definately recommend as a MUST see!

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mbc said...

So glad you loved it! I would even see it again to catch more of her witty remarks!