Saturday, February 20, 2010

~~ Marathon Kid ~~

Today started off cool and rainy, but that didn't keep Jesse and I from heading down to Burger Stadium to run his last lap to complete his marathon! It all started back in September when he brought home the flyer and with a huge smile on his face and excitement in his voice he said, "I want to do this!" This kid LOVES, really LOVES to run so I knew this would be perfect for him.

Back in October Phillip and Michael took him to the UT Track & Field stadium on a rainy Saturday morning so he could run his first mile. He ran all the miles in between at school and today I got to watch him finish what he started.
We were lucky that the rain had stopped and the humidity helped warm things up.

Checking the time. "Mom, I thought it started at 11:00? When is it going to start?"

Me and my runner

There were so many kids and parents there. It was great to see so many participating in this program. This is the first group of maybe 7 or 8 groups. The people in the yellow shirts were police officers that volunteered and they hold hands and walk down the track, then they release their hands and that is the signal....RUN!! We were right at the front of our group which was cool. Man, he was pumped!

He is fast and I had a hard time keeping up. I am surprised that I was able to actually snap a couple of pictures. This is him crossing the finish line.

He did it! He finished his 26.2 miles!

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mbc said...

WHAT an accomplishment. I wish I could say I'd run 26.2 miles! How proud you all must be.