Monday, June 23, 2008

At The Ballpark

The boys really enjoy going out to the ballpark so we try to get out to see the Express about once a month. This particular evening we had some great seats behind home plate. It was hot and our seats were in the shade. Of course we, I mean the boys, enjoyed all the usual sweet stuff.

After the sun went down I took the boys to the playscape. They were playing and then Michael said he had to go to the bathroom for like the 100th time. Still new to the big boy underwear so when he said it, we went. On the way back to the playscape we found this huge rock. I thought it would be a good picture of them with the ball game in the background. It took 3 tries, but here are my guys.

Now, I added this picture because I thought it would show how high off the ground this rock is, but it doesn't really. It was about 2 1/2 to 3 feet. Doesn't sound too high. It didn't really look that high.

That is until Jesse decided he wanted to jump off the rock. I'm thinking no problem, the kid jumps off everything, it's fine. Well, let me just tell ya, not fine.

He jumped.

His feet hit the ground.

His hands hit the ground.

His head hit the ground.

Then the scream and the tears came. Along with all the stares. I felt like the worst mother in the world. How could I just let him jump off the rock? I should not have let him jump off the rock. If I had not been with him he would have jumped. He is a boy and like I said he climbs and jumps off everything. So I'm that mom, the one that lets her kid jump off the rock and I hope he lands on two feet, but if not I will be there to kiss the bump and wipe away the tears.

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