Friday, February 29, 2008

A Month of SICK Days

Oh February, this has not, I repeat NOT been a great month. Everyone in my little household has been sick this month. A couple have of us more than once. It actually started the end of January. Michael had the cough and the trip to the ER. Jesse spent the 1st weekend of the month sick and passed it on to Phillip who got down with the flu. Then again it was Jesse with the fever 102 plus. The following weekend Michael had the fever. Enough already, so I took him to the doctor and after having some yucky hard ear wax removed, found out he had infections in both ears. Why not test him for the flu too? Good thing because, guess what?, it was the flu! Darn it! I thought I was going to escape it, but even though I had avoided it all month, it was FINALLY my turn. Miserable. We will ALL be getting flu shots next year.

Now, as I seem to go on and on about our illnesses, I will say there were some good times in February too. There were birthdays--My PawPaw celebrated his 92nd b-day, Phillip added a year and sweet Alyssa is now 9. The "holidays", ya know Ground Hog Day and VALENTINE'S Day. Even made it to the Rodeo in San Antonio to see some Extreme Bull Riding and Jason Aldean!

Here is to a healthy March!

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